Discounts from 3 - 5%

We help you save big on every item sold by your favorite online retailers.

Safer than a credit card

We use Bitcoin technology to securely transfer your funds and protect you from fraud.

Keep your purchases private

What you buy and your spending history stays on BitReady. No bank statements, no spam emails, nothing.

Ditch your credit card and save

We use Bitcoin to bring you discounts and protect the security of your information online. The best part? You don't have to own, manage, or even understand Bitcoin to take advantage of the benefits. We enable you to spend dollars from your bank anywhere Bitcoin is accepted.

Your money
shouldn't cost a thing

You are currently paying 3-5% more than you ought to because credit cards cost money to process. Bitcoin transactions with BitReady can be processed at nearly 0%, saving you the full cost of credit card fees that are built into prices.

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Your identity
should be secure

Every time you pay online with your credit card, you entrust your payment information with every store you shop at. Bitcoin payments with BitReady carry no secure information, which means you're safe if a store you shop at is ever hacked.

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Your purchases
are your business

We don't share information about your purchases with anyone, not even your bank. Everyone wants discretion when it comes to buying habits. We protect your right to make purchases without someone else looking over your shoulder.

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How it works

At checkout, choose 'Pay with Bitcoin'

You will be redirected to a Bitcoin invoice that you can submit to BitReady via One-Click.™ All necessary forms will already be filled in, letting you breeze through checkout.

Verify your invoice and pay

After verifying your invoice, you can make a payment using funds deposited to your account through a bank. We don't charge you on a per transaction basis, which means the only cost to you is the one on the invoice.

Your purchase is complete

We will submit a Bitcoin payment for your invoice within the next three minutes.